The Recovery Rate has gone up to 93,27 per cent, with the number of recovered cases standing at 82,49,579

For the 44th successive day, India has continued the unbroken trend of the daily new COVID-recoveries outnumbering the daily new additions.

According to data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Monday morning, 43,851 COVID-19 patients recovered in the last 24 hours; there were just 30,548 newly detected cases. This translates to a net reduction of 13,303 in the Active Caseload which now stands at 4,65,478, it said.

The ministry pointed out that the number of daily new cases was at a historic low of 30,548. This was significant given that many countries in Europe and America were experiencing a continuous steep rise in daily new cases, it said in a statement.

Figures for the COVID-19 Cumulative Positivity Rate (CPR) for the last three weeks show that it has dropped from 7.61 per cent on October 26 to 7.04 per cent now. According to the government, this is due to efforts to continue maintaining high levels of comprehensive testing.

The Recovery Rate has meanwhile gone up to 93,27 per cent, with the number of recovered cases standing at 82,49,579.

According to the ministry, 78.59 per cent of the recovered cases reported in the last 24 hours are from 10 States and Union Territories. Delhi saw the highest number of recoveries at 7,606, followed by Kerala which registered 6,684 daily recoveries and West Bengal which reported 4,480 new recoveries.

According to the official data, 76.63 per cent of the new cases have also been reported from 10 States and Union Territories. Kerala recorded 4,581 new cases. Delhi, which has seen a surge in new cases over the last few days, reported only 3,235 new cases yesterday, followed closely by West Bengal which reported 3,053 new cases.

With 435 new deaths reported in the last 24 hours, the total number of people who have died due to COVID-19 now stands at 1,30,070.

Nearly 78.85 per cent of the 435 new deaths are concentrated in 10 States and UTs, with about a fifth or 21.84 per cent new fatalities reported from Delhi with 95 deaths. Maharashtra reported 60 fatalities, which is 13.79% of the new fatalities.

According to the ministry's data, 14 states and UTs had a death per million figure higher than the national average of 94.

Noting that India had an average Case Fatality Rate of 1.47 per cent, the ministry said 13 states and UTs had recorded a higher figure on this parameter.

"The Union government is working in close co-ordination with these States/UTs to improve their clinical care management of the critical patients in the ICU, through a carefully developed Standard of Care protocol which covers the private and government hospitals and provides guidelines for hospitalised cases and those in home isolation. Multi-disciplinary central teams are also deputed to States/UTs to provide them support in COVID management," the ministry's statement said.