Prime Minister Modi called them the “lucky batch” as they would join service in the 75th year of Independence

Reiterating the importance of keeping India first, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday urged the civil service trainees to value teamwork and take decisions in the context of the nation’s interests.

Addressing the Officer Trainees (OTs) of the Indian Civil Services at LBSNAA Mussoorie through a video conference from Kevadia, Gujarat, the Prime Minister said that the focus of the “steel frame” of the country should not be merely in managing the daily affairs but in working for the progress of the nation.

He stressed that the decisions taken by the civil servants should always be in the interest of the common man notwithstanding the scope of the department or the region in which they are working.

Referring to them as the “lucky batch” to be serving the nation from the 75th year of independence to the 100th year of independence, the Prime Minister said that it will be a milestone for this batch to work during the crucial 25 years.

“When you will start with the field-work, India will be in its 75th year of independence. It is a milestone for this batch. You are the officers who will be in service of the nation when India will celebrate its 100 years of independence. These 25 years are crucial for the country and you are the lucky batch who will be serving the nation,” he said.

On the occasion of Ekta Diwas, the Prime Minister asked the Civil Servant Trainees to practice the mantra of Vocal for Local in the country’s efforts to become AatmaNirbhar as it was the dream of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

During his address, PM Modi stressed the value of training and developing skills. He further said that it is important to maintain a balance between “rule and role”. He said the role of all bureaucrats in the present mode of working in the country is to ensure Minimum Government and Maximum Governance. He urged the civil servants to ensure that the interference in the lives of citizens is reduced and the common man is empowered.

The Prime Minister urged the civil servants to stay away from “dikhaas” (being visible on electronic media) and “chhapas” (visibility in print media). He said that getting famous should not be a priority for the civil servants.

In his concluding remarks, he asked the civil servant trainees to practice the mantra of Vocal for Local. He said that it is important to use “Made in India” products in day to day life.