With this, the country's recovery rate for COVID-19 cases further rose to 86.36 per cent

The recoveries in India continue to surpass the new reported cases keeping the active cases of COVID-19 below nine lakhs for the fourth consecutive day, after a month's gap. The total recoveries have surpassed the 61-lakh mark.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India recorded 71,559 recoveries in the past 24 hours taking the total number of recoveries to 61,49,535. With this, the recovery rate further rose to 86.36 per cent. The active cases in the country stand at 8,61,853.

“India is also reporting high number of recoveries. The total recovered cases are close to 61.5 lakhs (61,49,535). The difference between active cases and recovered cases is consistently increasing and stands at 52,87,682 today,” the ministry said.

Citing India’s downward trend, the ministry further said, “India continues to report a trend of steadily decreasing active cases. For the fourth day after the active cases dropped below the 9L mark after a month, the decline continues unabated.”

Of the new recoveries, 77 per cent were reported from ten states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Delhi and Telangana.

While Maharashtra recorded 10,461 recoveries, it was closely followed by 10,107 of Karnataka. Kerala also reported 8,924 recoveries. Similarly, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh each reported over 5,000 recoveries. Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal and Delhi reported over 3,000 recoveries followed by 2,214 of Telangana.

India also reported around 66,732 new cases and 816 new deaths in the past 24 hours. Maharashtra reported the highest number of cases at 10,792 and 309 deaths followed by 9523 cases and 75 deaths of Karnataka.

Kerala also reported 9,347 cases and 25 deaths in the past 24 hours. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu each reported over 5,000 cases and 30 and 65 deaths respectively.

Delhi also reported 2780 cases and 29 new deaths in the past 24 hours.

India has reported 71,20,538 cases so far out of which 1,09,150 people have lost their lives.