Artificial Intelligence can play a big role in empowering agriculture and healthcare, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called to make India the global hub for AI even as he warned that the world must be protected against the “weaponization of AI by Non-State Actors”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a big role in empowering agriculture and healthcare, creating next generation urban infrastructure and addressing urban issues like reducing traffic jams, improving sewage systems and laying energy grids, PM Modi pointed out while opening RAISE 2020, a Mega Virtual Summit on Artificial Intelligence (AI) today.

“It can be used for making our disaster management systems stronger. It can even be used to solve the problem of climate change,” he said at the event which aims to chart a course for using AI for social transformation, inclusion and empowerment.

MaintainIng that AI will unlock the unique potential of each person and empower them to contribute more effectively to society, the Prime Minister outlined the steps the government had taken in this direction.

“We launched Responsible AI for Youth program this year in April, under this programme, more than 11,000 students from schools completed the basic course. They are now building their AI projects,” he said.

Pointing out that India had recently adopted the National Education Policy 2020, the Prime Minister said it focuses on technology-based learning and skilling as a major part of education. The National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) will create an e-Education unit to boost the digital infrastructure, digital content and capacity while virtual labs are being established to provide hands-on experience to learners, he added.

India had also launched the Atal Innovation Mission to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

PM Modi used the address to highlight some of India’s success stories when it comes to using technology to bring about change in different spheres of life.

“We are home to the world's largest unique identity system- Aadhaar. We also have the world's most innovative digital payments system-UPI. This has enabled providing access to digital services, including financial services, like Direct Cash Transfers to the poor and marginalised,” he swaid.

India's digital readiness was of great help during the COVID-19 pandemic as the government was able to reach out to people with help, at the earliest and in the most efficient manner. India is rapidly expanding its optical fibre network with the aim of providing every village with high speed internet connectivity, the Prime Minister said.

Pointing out that resources were idle at some places while there was shortage in other areas, PM Modi wanted to know if it was possible to use Artificial Intelligence for the optimal management of our assets and resources. “Can we dynamically reallocate them to find optimal use?” he wondered.