In the past 24 hours, the laboratories across India tested around 9,33,185 samples for COVID-19

Crossing the 1 lakh mark, India registered the highest number of single day recoveries in the past 24 hours. India has been registering more recoveries than the fresh cases for the past four days.

The data released by the ministry suggests that around 1,01,468 patients were either cured, discharged or migrated in the past 24 hours. The data suggests that it was the fourth consecutive day of registering a high number of recoveries.

On September 19, India 95,880 recoveries while on September 20, around 94,612 recoveries were registered. Similarly, on September 21, 93,356 recoveries were registered.

With this, the total number of recoveries have reached 44,97,867. In the past 24 hours, the laboratories across India tested around 9,33,185 samples for COVID-19.

The highest number of recoveries came from Maharashtra with over 32,000 single day recoveries followed by over 10,000 of Andhra Pradesh.

The data suggested that around 79% of the new recovered cases were reported from ten States and Union Territories of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Delhi, Kerala, West Bengal and Punjab.

“The continuous streak of very high level of recoveries in the country is a testimony of the Centre-lad proactive and graded strategy of TEST TRACK TREAT. The effective clinical management and treatment protocols issued by the Union Government have been updated from time to time with the emergence of new medical and scientific evidence,” the government said in a statement.

On the other hand, India reported 75,083 fresh cases and 1,053 new deaths. The highest number of cases were reported from Maharashtra which reported 15,738 new cases and 344 new deaths followed by 7,339 new cases and 122 new deaths in Karnataka. Andhra Pradesh also reported 6,235 new cases and 51 new deaths.

With this, the total number of reported cases crossed the 55 lakh mark and reached 55,62,663 cases. Out of the total number, 44,97,867 people have already recovered while 88,935 people have lost their lives.