Approximately 60,000 were being conducted daily in Delhi for Covid-19 detection, according to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday has said that the number of coronavirus tests conducted in the national capital are the highest in the World.

He stated that 60,000 tests for identifying novel coronavirus cases were currently being conducted in Delhi, which implies that 3,000 tests were conducted per day per million population across the globe, said a report published by LiveMint.

While addressing the one-day session of the Delhi assembly, he mentioned that the concerning issue should be the number of deaths and not cases, claiming the coronavirus related deaths in Delhi is perhaps the lowest in the whole World.

"In Delhi, 3,057 COVID-19 tests are conducted per day per million population. In the UK, around 3,000 tests are conducted per million population, 1,388 in the USA, 2,311 in Russia, and 8,58 in Peru. In India, the figure is 819 tests per day per million. So, Delhi is conducting the highest number of tests in the whole world," LiveMint quoted Kejriwal as saying.

The Chief Minister added that while comparing the Covid-19 situation with other states, it needs to be understood that this situation was quite difficult and challenging in the National Capital.

Stating the pandemic made him realise that nobody can manage it alone, he said, "If Delhi would have tried to handle it alone, we would not have been able to do it. We took help from everyone. I want to thank the Centre for helping us whenever we needed them. They gave us PPE kits, oxygen cylinders and testing kits. No government can handle it alone," as per the report by the publication.

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