Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged them to develop a sense of belongingness and pride in every station they are posted to

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised Indian Police Service (IPS) probationers to never lose respect for their Khaki uniform. “The human face of the Khaki uniform has been engraved in the public memory due to the good work done by the police especially during this COVID-19,” he told them today.

He was interacting with them during the ‘Dikshant Parade Event’ at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVP NPA), Hyderabad, through a video conference.

“Till now you were a trainee here in a protected environment. But the situation will change overnight, the moment you step out of the academy,” he said.

PM Modi said the attitude towards them would change. He advised the IPS probationers to be “over conscious”, saying that the first impression is the last impression. “Wherever you are transferred, your image will follow,” he said. He told the officers to develop the skill to identify the chaff out of the grain. He asked them not to close their ears but to be able to filter the things that they hear.

The Prime Minister urged the probationers to develop a sense of belongingness and pride in every station that they are posted to. He also urged them to show compassion on the general public. “Winning hearts of the people through compassion rather than controlling them through fear will last long,” he said.

Furthermore, PM Modi stressed on the importance of constabulary intelligence helping in solving a crime. He urged the probationers to use the technology to the maximum possible extent while not forgetting the importance of the ground level intelligence inputs. PM Modi added that there is no dearth of information, big data or artificial intelligence.