Conventional security equipment such as X-ray scanner and metal detectors cannot detect radiation

In order to curb smuggling of radioactive materials, the government is planning to instal Radiation Detection Equipment at all Integrated Check Posts and land ports across the country.

Security personnel at India’s order have so far focused on detecting fake currency, drugs, ammunition and explosives. With the availability of RDE at all border crossings, India’s internal security will receive a boost as detecting any radioactive material which can be used to make a nuclear device or radiological dispersal device will become easy, The Economic Times reports.

The government has sought the information on system requirements for procuring RDE through a Request for Interest (RFI) for which it has asked bidders about the success of these devices at the places where RDE has been installed and is actually under use. The bidders have been asked to give the information by early September.

One of the places where such an equipment is in use is the Friendship bridge which connects Afghanistan to Uzbekistan. The equipment has been given to them by the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration. According to the US Department of Energy, metal detectors, X-ray machines or other traditional tools cannot detect such radioactive materials and need special equipment, the report said.

India has ICPs at Attari, Jogbani, Raxaul, Agartala, Petrapole and Moreh which see cross-border trade and movement of passengers and where RDE can be installed. The RDE can also be installed at customs checks which will be capable of raising separate gamma and neutron radiation alarms and generating video frames of the target object.

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