India has the potential to become an export hub with the added manufacturing capacities

Medical equipment maker Skanray Technologies revealed that it is looking at exporting ICU ventilators to neighboring countries and other markets such as Europe and the US, said a report by Outlook.

"The company is already in advanced talks with neighboring countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to meet their requirements for advanced ventilators to aid their fight against the pandemic," the report said quoting Skanray’s official release.

The statement further revealed that the medical equipment maker is also renegotiating with countries in Europe, Ukraine, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and the US where orders were held up due to the export ban as per a PTI report carried by Outlook.

The report further mentioned that the company has already fulfilled the target of delivering 30,000 ventilators to support India's fight against COVID-19 as said by the company in a statement.

The report quoted Skanray Founder & MD Vishwaprasad Alva as saying that India has the potential to become an export hub with the added capacities.

Skanray has added 30,000 CV200 advanced ICU ventilators to critical national stockpiles along with Bharat Electronics (BEL) and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the report quoted the company’s statement.

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