Soren represented India last year at the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Geneva

Twenty-four years old, Archana Soreng is going to represent India as a youth advisor on climate action to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. According to an article published in Gulf News, the 24-year-old woman from Odisha, India has been chosen as one of the seven youth advisors on climate action to the UN Secretary General. All seven are in the age group between 18 and 28 years.

The publication reported UN special advisor on climate action Selwin Hart saying that she was selected in July due to her strong work in advocacy and research and in preserving and promoting the traditional knowledge and cultural practices of indigenous communities.

Soreng, a member of the Kharia tribe from Bihabandh village has always seen indigenous tribes as the worst-hit communities due to climate change. She acknowledges tribal communities as the pioneers of climate action. Soren does not only see it as an opportunity but also as a huge responsibility, Gulf News reported.

“As a member of this international climate forum, I will emphasise and propagate the indigenous traditional practices, wisdom and ways of life as sustainable solutions to the growing climate crises,” Soren said.

According to Gulf News, Soren also welcomed the decision of global leaders to let youth participate in their efforts to tackle climate change. She said that the decision to create the youth panel shows that young voices are being taken seriously to accelerate global action and tackle the worsening climate crisis.

Soren started as a climate activist five years ago. She joined a university level movement for tribal people. She also represented India last year at the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Geneva. Belonging to a tribe herself, she has documented and promoted the indigenous practices of tribes such Paudi Bhuiyan, Juang, Dongria Kondh, Oraon, Santhalis, Ho and Kharia tribes.

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