The study showed a lower mortality rate in the patients who were administered IL6ri drug

A team of US-based Indian origin scientists has found that Interleukin-6 (IL6ri) inhibitor (Sarilumab or Tocilizumab) can be helpful in treating patients of COVID-19, especially those experiencing severe symptoms, an IANS report carried by The Times of India has suggested.

According to the report, the scientists after conducting a series of experiments found that IL6ri inhibitors can reduce the mortality rate and need for intubation. These are the same drugs used to cure patients suffering from autoimmune diseases such as arthritis.

The study was conducted on 255 patients of COVID-19 including 149 patients of stage IIB and 106 patients of stage III of the disease who were given IL6ri drug, the report said.

The study found that increased levels of the drug can help bring down the symptoms seen in patients of COVID-19 with comorbid conditions including acute respiratory syndrome. The wire service report carried by The Times of India said the drug was initially kept for severely ill patients however it was administered to other patients as well after the review.

Talking to IANS, study researcher Pranay Sinha said, “The greatest benefit of IL6ri use was seen in patients who received the drug in the earlier stage, prior to critical respiratory decompensation, showing the importance of prompt testing and treatment”.

The study report published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases showed that the mortality rate in the patients who were administered IL6ri drug was lowered down after the treatment. These were the patients who needed more supplementary oxygen than the other ones, the report said.

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