The Israeli delegation working on four technologies to test coronavirus looks forward to seeing results in a few weeks

The Israeli scientist team that arrived in India on Monday is working on the final stages of testing four advanced technologies for real-time rapid diagnosis of Covid-19. Once proven successful, these technologies could be used at airports, malls, and other premises, said an India Today report.

“We have found four technologies which could be promising to give us the most reliable rapid test to show real-time results within few seconds. We are in very advanced stage of this research and we hope this works out," Ron Malka, Israel’s ambassador to India was quoted as saying in the report.

Malka further explained that the key idea is to find the fingerprint of Covid19 in different technologies. One of the four technologies focuses on analyzing the person’s voice to detect the virus. The second is the use of high frequency to detect the virus in the sample. The third involves thermal tests mapped through changes in body temperature. And the fourth is done by the use of Polyamino acids by locating specific proteins related to Covid19, he was quoted in the India Today report.

The team is working to either have more than one or a combination of two of the most reliable technologies on testing for Covid-19, he added.

The Israeli government also brought some cutting-edge medical equipment including medical robots. The possibility is that they will be placed in AIIMS, New Delhi, India Today reported.

Malka also conveyed that the tests have begun in New Delhi and look forward to seeing results in a few weeks, as per the report.

Israel thanked India for the assistance it received in the pandemic. The ambassador said that Indian authorities helped them in evacuating 1,000 Israelis stranded all over the country and also provided them with drugs at the time of need; the report quoted him as saying.

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