Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes Lord Buddha’s teachings provide a link between hope and purpose

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the world is today fighting extraordinary challenges and the solutions to this will come by following the ideals of Lord Buddha.

The Prime Minister said this while delivering a video address on Saturday on the occasion of inauguration of Dharma Chakra Day.

He said Buddhism teaches respect for people, women, poor, for peace and non-violence and these teachings are the means to a sustainable planet.

He said the eight-fold path shown by Lord Buddha presents a much needed guidance for the well-being of societies and nations.

The Prime Minister said Lord Buddha spoke about hope and purpose and saw a strong link between the two.

He also spoke about the need to connect more people with Buddhist heritage sites and enhance connectivity to these sites.

In this regard, he highlighted the recent Cabinet decision to declare Kushinagar Airport in Uttar Pradesh as an international airport. This “would facilitate the travel of pilgrims and tourists, while also giving a boost to the economy in the region,” the Prime Minister said.

On this occasion, he also talked about the ongoing decade, stating, “he is hopeful about the 21st century, and this hope springs from the youth.”

The Prime Minister underlined that India has one of the largest start-up ecosystems where bright young minds are finding solutions to global problems.