CCTV video footage shows how he helped the infant’s mother while on duty at the Bhopal railway station

A constable of the Railway Protection Force is winning hearts after a video of his efforts to deliver milk to a four-month-old child travelling in a train went viral on social media.

RPF constable Inder Singh Yadav was on duty at the Bhopal railway station four days ago, making announcements on the public address system after the Belguam-Gorakhpur Shramik Special arrived.

He then received a special request from a woman passenger, Sharif Hashmi. She was desperate to get milk for her four-year-old child. Sharif and her husband Haseen Hashmi had been unable to procure milk at earlier stations. She requested Yadav to help her urgently.

According to the Ministry of Railways, the RPF constable asked her to wait and rushed to get milk from a kiosk just outside the station. The train was pulling out of the station by the time Yadav came back to the platform.

CCTV footage shows the RPF constable running towards the coach the woman and child were travelling in, milk packet in one hand and a rifle in the other. He managed to hand over the milk packet just in time.


The RPF constable later said that he was always confident that he would be able to complete what he had set out to do.

“I was confident and never thought that I will not be able to hand over the milk pouch,” said the Class XII pass out, his confidence stemming from his daily fitness schedule, The Indian Express quoted him as saying.

With the video going viral on social media over the past few days, Union Minister for Railways Piyush Goyal took to Twitter to compliment Yadav for a job well done and announce a cash reward for him.

Goyal said: “Commendable Deed by Rail Parivar: RPF Constable Inder Singh Yadav demonstrated an exemplary sense of duty when he ran behind a train to deliver milk for a 4-year-old child.

Expressing pride, I have announced a cash award to honour the Good Samaritan.”

In his post on Twitter, he also shared the video, where the infant’s mother thanks Inder Yadav for his act..

According to The Indian Express, three years ago, constable Yadav had helped out two children who were left behind at Bhopal station while the train with their mother left. He had ensured that the mother got down at Junnardeo Station and was united with her sons.

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