Innovators turn Covid-19 crisis into opportunity, demonstrate their talent to the world

Responding to prevailing coronavirus triggered crisis, scientists and innovators are coming out with their inventions, and if they work well, they will prove boon to the suffering human beings.

When crisis comes innovations are not far behind: The National Innovation Foundation, an autonomous body of Department of Science and Technology has provided incubation and mentoring support for further dissemination to the generator of innovative ideas.

The NIF has backed a foot-operated device for hand sanitization and washing and an innovative sprayer for sanitization.

Mupparapu Raju from Telangana has designed the foot-operated device for hand sanitization and washing, which is a timely solution in response to need for contactless devices in the prevailing COVID-19 environment.

It facilitates dispensing of soap and water by way of operating the device by foot, and not hands.

As a result, there is no hand-related contact between the user and sanitizer, soap, or water- all adequately stored in separate containers as a part of the device. Raju has demonstrated the application of the device at Warrangal, Mahabubabad, and others in Telangana.

NIF has extended support to the innovator for value addition and in meeting the production commitments.

Foot-operated device for hand sanitization, washing

Foot-operated device for hand sanitization, washing

The other supported innovation is an innovative sprayer capable of sanitizing or washing large areas like roads, societies, doors, compounds, walls.

The sprayer consists of two radial fans of aluminum moving opposite to each other. In terms of mechanism, each fan sucks air from two opposite directions, which is released through nozzles at high pressure with minute droplets sizes.

As the panel rotates 180 degrees, it can cover from the ground upto 15 feet tall walls. Any tractor of power more than 15 horsepower can be used to operate this through Power Take-Off (PTO).

By deploying this sprayer, one can sanitize the societies, roads, and so on at a maximum distance of 30 feet from the center of machine and up to 15 feet height. Which means the machine will sanitise 30 feet horizontally and 15 feet vertically.

As a result, compounds, doors can easily be sanitized with this sprayer. Nozzles in the sprayer are such that during operation of the device, the required area can be sanitized at ease, be it a spacious location or a congested location.

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The innovative sprayer for sanitization

The innovative sprayer for sanitization

The sprayer has been actively used at various locations in Satna, Nashik and other parts of Maharashtra.

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