India received yet another shot in its arm in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment, when Indian Navy’s designed and produced anti-hazards protective equipment got a green signal for its mass production

As per the press release from the Ministry of Defence, PPP designed and produced by Indian Navy has been tested by Delhi-based Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, a DRDO organization tasked with the testing and certification of PPE and is certified to be mass produced and used in clinical Covid situations.

As per the statement, Indian Navy’ produced PPE passed with 6/6 Synthetic blood penetration resistance test pressure, far above government mandated 3/6 and above level.

The outstanding features of this PPE are: It is simple, innovative and cost-effective in design.

Thereby, it can be made by basic gown manufacturing facilities.

The PPE is also noteworthy for the innovative choice of fabric used, which gives it 'breathability' and penetration resistance rendering it both comfortable and safe for the user.

The cost for this PPE is significantly lower than those commercially available.

Significantly, India is today the world’s second largest manufacturer of PPE. It is now producing 2.06 lakh PPE kits daily, an exercise which was not evident just a few weeks ago as the country was net importer of PPE kits.

The highest single-day production of PPE kits, around 2.06 lakh kits, was recorded on May 2. However, on average, domestic production is about 1.5 lakh per day.

A PPE kit consists of a mask, eye shield, shoe cover, gown and gloves, which doctors and healthcare workers wear during the treatment of COVID-19 patients.