5,000 officers will reach out to people for the empowerment and development of Panchayats

The Jammu and Kashmir administration is all set to launch the second phase of ‘Back to Village programme’ from 25th to 30th November. J&K Lt Governor G C Murmu on November 20 said that 5,000 officers will reach out to the people in each panchayat for their empowerment and development.

"In June, we started a unique initiative. We sent 5,000 officers, each in one panchayat of Jammu and Kashmir to stay for two days with the people. We were overwhelmed by the love and affection our officers received from all of you... This time too, 5,000 officers will visit each panchayat, stay with all of you and discuss with you your problems and issues and also tell you what we are doing to bring development and progress" Murmu said in an advertisement which appeared in various local dailies on November 20.

Murmu requested people to participate in this effort with the same zeal and affection displayed in June.