Induction of the Light Combat Helicopter adds unique capability to the IAF’s combat potential

The Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) inducted into the Indian Air Force (IAF) on Monday is the first indigenous Multi-Role Combat Helicopter. It has been designed and manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh named the LCH “Prachanda” at a ceremony in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Induction of the LCH adds unique capability to the IAF’s combat potential, Air Chief Air Marshal VR Chaudhary said.

Here is why the indigenously-built Light Combat Helicopter is a game changer for the Indian Air Force:

  1. It has potent ground attack and aerial combat capability.

  2. The helicopter possesses modern stealth characteristics, robust armour protection and formidable night attack capability.

  3. Onboard advanced navigation system, guns tailored for close combat and potent air-to-air missiles make the LCH especially suited for the modern battlefield.

  4. Versatility and offensive potential of the LCH is at par or better than most attack helicopters operating globally.

  5. Capable of operating from high altitude terrain and carrying out precision strike at high altitude targets, the helicopter is a formidable addition to IAF’s arsenal.

  6. The LCH meets the requirements of modern warfare and necessary quality parameters under varied conditions of operations.

  7. It is capable of self-protection, of carrying a wide variety of ammunition, and delivering it to the field quickly.

  8. This versatile helicopter perfectly meets the needs of our armed forces in various terrains; LCH is an ideal platform for both our Army and Air Force, according to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

  9. The LCH has been inducted in the IAF’s newly raised No. 143 Helicopter Unit.

  10. Selection of the personnel in the unit which will man the LCH has been made based on professional competence so as to ensure operationalisation of the unit at the earliest, according to Air Marshal Chaudhary.