During the address, he talked about his experiences as President

Addressing the nation on Sunday, outgoing president Ram Nath Kovind attributed his elevation to India's highest Constitutional office to the inherent power of the country's vibrant democratic institutions.

Draupadi Murmu, who won the Presidential elections comfortably, took oath of office as India's first tribal President on Monday.

In his farewell address, outgoing President Kovind remarked, "Five years ago, you had reposed immense trust in me, and chose me as the President of India through your elected representatives."

He added that he received full support and blessings and that his interactions with people from various sections of society had inspired and energized him.

The President said he would treasure the times he had the chance to meet brave members of the armed forces, paramilitary, and police. Regarding his foreign travels, he said how moving it was to see how much the Indian diaspora cared about their country and loved it.

Claiming that these experiences bring back memories of his childhood, he stated: "When I was growing up in a small village, the nation had only recently achieved independence. There was a fresh wave of energy to rebuild the country; there were new dreams. I too had a dream, that one day I would be able to participate in a meaningful way in this nation-building exercise. A young boy living in a mud house could not have any idea about the highest constitutional office of the Republic."

He added, "But it is the testament to the strength of India’s democracy that it has created pathways to let each citizen take part in the shaping of our collective destiny. If that Ram Nath Kovind from village Paraunkh is addressing you today, it is solely thanks to the inherent power of our vibrant democratic institutions."

In his speech, Kovind covered the topic of climate change. He stated that we must protect our environment, including our land, air, and water, for the sake of our children, saying that mother nature is in "deep agony" and that the climate crisis might threaten the future of the world.

Kovind emphasized that the founders and predecessors of India demonstrated the values of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity through their perseverance and attitudes of service. He remarked that the nation must continue to go forward in their footsteps.

During his five years in office, the p
President claimed to have carried out his duties as effectively as possible. He recalled that if he was uncertain, he would remember the face of the poorest guy and inquire as to whether any of them would be of any service to him.