The Indian Navy secures the safe passage of Indian flag vessels crossing the Strait of Hormuz

The Indian Navy has completed three years of deployment in the Gulf to protect India's maritime interests under Op Sankalp. The stealth frigate INS Talwar is now stationed in the Gulf region as part of the ongoing operation.

The Indian Navy's Maritime Security Ops Sankalp commenced in June 19, 2019 following attacks on commercial ships. This was meant to safeguard India’s mercantile marine & maritime trade in the Persian Gulf & Gulf of Oman.

In these three years, 32 warships have ensured safe passage of an average of 16 Indian merchant ships daily, the Indian Navy tweeted on Friday.

Because the Gulf of Oman is the only entry point into the Persian Gulf from the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, the world's main oil suppliers and importers, including India, have a shared interest in its security.

Warships and planes from the Indian Navy were assigned to create a presence in the region, offer confidence to Indian merchantmen, keep an eye on every situation, and respond to any emerging difficulties.

According to the Ministry of Defence, this operation is being carried out in close collaboration with all authorities, including the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of External Affairs, the Ministry of Shipping, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, and the Director-General of Shipping.

The Indian Navy actively monitors the situation in the Gulf region and maintains a presence in the area to protect the security of India’s maritime trade as well as the safety of Indian Flag Merchant Vessels travelling through the area. The Indian Navy is dedicated to safeguarding the country's maritime interests, the defence ministry said.