This was the first dedicated outreach for academic and research institutions

About 300 representatives from government and private academic and research institutions participated in the Ministry of External Affairs-the Department of Biotechnology-Department of Chemicals-Petrochemicals organised webinar on export controls in the context of intangible technology transfers (ITT) relating to academia and research, the Ministry of External Affairs in a statement issued on Wednesday said.

The outreach was aimed at enhancing awareness about regulations, implementation framework and diligence related to transfer of technology under our export control system for the biotechnology and chemical sectors, the MEA said.

“The outreach shared the context of our national export control system in the light of India’s interface with the global economy and international non-proliferation framework as well as our national laws and regulations relating to intangible technology transfers and measures that may be taken by academic and research institutions,” the MEA added.

This was the first dedicated outreach for academic and research institutions in the context of export controls relating to intangible technology transfers, the Ministry said.

The Department of Biotechnology, the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals and the Directorate General of Foreign Trade shared their perspective at the webinar towards a sound national export control system in line "with global standards and preserving and advancing our impeccable non-proliferation record acknowledged globally", the Ministry added.