The Singapore Air Show is a biennial event attended by the global aviation industry

India will showcase its indigenously built Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas MK-I at the four-day Singapore Air Show beginning next week.

A 44-member contingent of Indian Air Force reached Changi International Airport in Singapore on Saturday to participate in the ‘Singapore Air Show-2022’ to be held from February 15-18, said a statement of the Ministry of Defence.

The Singapore Air Show is a biennial event which provides a platform for the Global Aviation Industry to showcase their products.

IAF will be pitching the indigenous Tejas MK-I aircraft alongside participants from across the world.

The Tejas aircraft will display low level aerobatics demonstrating its superior handling characteristics and maneuverability.

The participation of Indian Air Force in the Air Show provides India with the opportunity to showcase the Tejas aircraft and to interact with counterparts from RSAF (Royal Singapore Air Force) & other participating contingents, the MoD statement said.

"The participation at the airshow will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the ease of handling & manoeuvrability of the Tejas aircraft," the Indian Air Force said on Twitter.

In the past, the Indian Air Force has participated in similar Air Shows like LIMA-2019 in Malaysia and Dubai Air Show-2021 to exhibit indigenous aircraft and formation aerobatic teams.