The last time a German ship docked in India was 9 years ago

German naval frigate FGS Bayern (F217) on Friday docked in Mumbai port and upon arrival was extended a warm welcome by the Indian Navy. The visiting German warship that will be at the Indian port for a day will conduct a passing exercise with its Indian counterparts.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Germany’s Ambassador to India Walter J Lindner said that the German warship was accorded a warm welcome on its arrival at Mumbai port by the Indian Navy.

“Very warm welcome ceremony with music by @indiannavy Military Band & Officer of Guard as well as Commanding Officer and State Minister @AUThackeray and GC @JuergenMorhard. Docking ceremony and greeting Captain @kalskiTilo #MumBayern,” the Ambassador said in the post.

Earlier, in a separate tweet, Ambassador Lindner had said the last time a German ship docked in India was 9 years ago in 2012 when Fregatte ‘Bremen’ had visited India.

According to Indian Navy officials, the F123 Brandenburg class frigate will dock in Mumbai for a day and also conduct a passing exercise with the Indian Navy.

Bayern was launched in 1994 commissioned in 1996, Bayern has been involved in several foreign missions since her commissioning, including deploying in the Adriatic in 1999 during Operation Allied Force, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

Bayern's visit to Mumbai marks the last stop of the frigate's deployment in the Indo-Pacific region. In August 2021, Bayern was deployed to the South China Sea in an effort to show more presence in the Indo-Pacific region.

Bayern’s docking in Mumbai coincided with the visit of German Naval Chief Vice Admiral Schönbach who while delivering a talk on Friday said that Bayern’s deployment in the region is in line with Germany’s Indo-Pacific policy guidelines that focus on maritime security and cooperation.

The deployment of Bayern is intended to reinforce the security aspect of Germany’s commitment in the Indo-Pacific, he added in the lecture.