Most of the fencing work on India-Bangladesh international border in Tripura has already been finished

In a bid to ensure full-proof security along the India-Bangladesh border stretch in the Northeastern state of Tripura, India’s Border Security Force (BSF) will completely fence the 856 km border in Tripura this year.

Over 80% of the fencing work on the 856 km India-Bangladesh international border in Tripura has already been finished, according to BSF Inspector-General Sushanta Kumar Nath.

He also stated that major fencing work in Tripura's eastern sector was done last year, and the remaining work on a 31 km porous patch has been prioritized.

Single row fencing has gained traction in the state, with 10 km walled in last year, the BSF Inspector General added.

Setting up floodlights, goes hand-in-hand with the fencing job, he said.

“By 2022, we expect to have finished fencing and installed floodlights along the whole route of the India-Bangladesh border in the state,” Nath said.

He further stated that 218 persons were apprehended for illegally crossing the international border last year, with contraband items worth Rs 35.64 crore seized.

Two militants from the banned National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) surrendered to the BSF on Saturday, and one of them had arms training in Bangladesh, according to the BSF IG.