India has committed USD 150 million as post-earthquake assistance package on housing sector to Nepal

India has completed reconstructing 50,000 private houses in Nepal’s Nuwakot and Gorkha districts, said India’s Deputy Chief of Mission in Nepal, Namgya C Khampa at an event in Kathmandu on Monday marking the successful completion.

During the event, organized by the Embassy of India in Nepal in association with National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), UNDP and UNOPS, Khampa announced that these houses as committed by Government of India have been completed with Owner Driven Reconstruction Approach adopted by the Government of Nepal.

India has committed USD 150 million as post-earthquake assistance package on housing sector to provide financial and technical support for reconstruction of 50,000 beneficiaries, including USD 100 million grant and USD 50 million under our Fourth Line of Credit.

UNDP and UNOPS were engaged by Government of India in March 2018 to provide socio-technical facilitation and consultation (STFC) services to earthquake affected beneficiaries in 4 Urban Municipalities and 14 rural municipalities of Gorkha and Nuwakot districts.

During the event, a workshop on the lessons learnt and the way ahead was also organized.

The workshop aimed at bringing together the project’s major stakeholders to acknowledge the pivotal role played by local government and agencies of NRA in the effectiveness and successful completion of the private housing reconstruction project.

Furthermore, the workshop also elaborated the best practices, shared key learning, and collectively discussed the effectiveness of project to local government as guidance and for future reference.

India is also working with NRA for construction of 71 education sector projects, 132 health buildings and restoration/retrofitting of 28 cultural heritage sites in total 11 districts of Nepal affected by earthquake of 2015.

The event was attended by Namgya C Khampa, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India Kathmandu, CEO NRA Sushil Gyawali, Mayor of Palungtar municipality in Gorkha, and Deputy Mayor of Bidur municipality in Nuwakot.

Representatives of NDRRMA, several GoN agencies, UNDP and UNOPS, EU, USAID, World Bank, ADB, JICA, FNCDO as well as respective Nagarpalikas/Gaunpalikas were also present.
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