Such reports were a complete misrepresentation of facts, the Union Home Ministry said

Reports of a mosque in Tripura being damaged and vandalized have been described as "fake" by the Union Home Ministry.

"There have been news reports that have been circulating that a mosque in Kakraban area of Gomati district in Tripura has been damaged and vandalized. These news reports are fake and are a complete misrepresentation of facts," the ministry said in a statement issued in Saturday night.

Emphasizing that the mosque in Dargabazar area of Kakraban had not been damaged, the ministry pointed out that the Tripura Police in Gomati district was working to maintain peace and tranquillity.

"There is no reported case of damage of the structure of any Masjid in Tripura in the recent past," it said.

The ministry also rejected reports of simple or grievous injury or rape or death of any person in these incidents as alleged in some social media posts.

"People should maintain calm and should not be misguided by such fake reports," the ministry appealed.

It referred to reports of violence in Maharashtra and unsavoury statements that are aimed at disturbing peace and harmony, based on fake news regarding Tripura.

"This is very concerning and it is urged that peace is maintained at all costs," the home ministry said.