Prime Minister Modi was speaking at Session III of the Rome held G20 Summit on sustainable development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India’s development journey can offer many templates to other developing countries.

“Whether it is digital connectivity, financial inclusion or immunization of children, India has certified 'at scale' solutions. India is always ready to share these solutions with other developing countries,” he said.

“We have made many of our digital solutions open source and they are available to the entire humanity. We would like to collaborate with our G20 partners to share India's experience with other developing countries,” he added.

He also said that in the post Covid-19 recovery, attainment of Sustainable Development Goals must be the priority of the international community.

He said LDCs, especially Africa and small island countries need special support on the issue of sustainable development.

“This is the first year of 'Decade of Action' and it is our shared responsibility to extend the benefits of global recovery to all countries. The role of G20 in this will be very important,” the Prime Minister said.