It was necessary that Indian vaccines be recognized by WHO at the earliest, PM Modi said

Emphasizing the vision of ‘One Earth - One Health’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India is preparing to produce more than five billion Covid-19 vaccine doses for the world next year.

"This commitment of India will go a long way in preventing the global transmission of Corona.Therefore, it is necessary that Indian vaccines be recognized by WHO at the earliest," he said on Saturday.

India had always been serious about its global obligations, PM Modi said while addressing the first session of the G20 Summit on 'Global Economy and Global Health' in Rome, Italy.

PM Modi said that economic recovery required increased international movement. 'For this, we have to ensure mutual recognition of vaccine certificates issued by different countries," he argued.

Need for reliable supply chain

According to PM Modi, the Covid-19 pandemic had alerted the world to the need for a reliable supply chain.

India had emerged as a reliable manufacturing hub and had given new impetus to bold economic reforms.

"We have further reduced the cost of doing business and increased innovation at every level.I invite the G-20 countries to make India their trusted partner in their economic recovery and supply chain diversification," he said.

The Prime Minister noted that India's IT-BPO sector did not allow a single second of disruption despite the Covid-19 pandemic and worked round-the-clock to support the whole world.

"I am happy when during the meetings, leaders like you appreciate how India has played the role of a Trusted Partner. It also fills our younger generation with new enthusiasm. And this is because India brought unprecedented reforms related to work-from anywhere without wasting time," PM Modi remarked at the G20 Rome Summit.

'Pharmacy of the world'

Playing the role of Pharmacy of the World, India had delivered medicines to over 150 countries, PM Modi pointed out.

"At the same time, we have put all our energies into accelerating vaccine research and manufacturing. In a short span of time, we have administered over one billion vaccine doses in India," he said.

By controlling the transmission of infection in one-sixth of the world's population, India had also contributed to making the world safer, and had reduced the chances of further mutation of the virus, he added.

The Prime Minister also referred to the 15% minimum corporate tax rate, saying this would prove to be a vital step in making the global financial architecture more fair.

"I myself suggested this at the 2014 G20 meeting. I thank G20 for making concrete progress in this direction," he said.