On his arrival in Rome, Prime Minister Modi had interaction with various groups who have an abiding interests in Indian culture

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday met and interacted with several Indologists and Sanskrit experts from Italian universities on the first day of his three-day (October 29 to 31) visit to Rome in Italy to attend G-20 Leaders’ Summit.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, during the interaction, Prime Minister Modi noted their interest in Indian culture, literature and practice of yoga and ayurveda and lauded the role played by them in strengthening the ties between India and Italy.

The Prime Minister also interacted with the community members from various organisations including the representatives of Italian Congregation for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), said the MEA in its statement.

Prime Minister Modi appreciated their contribution in several social activities including spreading the message of Bhagavad Gita in Italy.

During the first day of the visit to Rome, Prime Minister Modi also met community members from various organisations, including representatives of Sikh community and institution involved in the commemoration of Indian soldiers who fought in Italy in the World War I and the World War II.

Prime Minister Modi also paid tributes to the valour shown by Indian soldiers in these wars.

Representatives of various organisations including the Italian Hindu Union-Sanatana Dharma Samgha also met Prime Minister Modi.

According to the MEA, the Prime Minister lauded the role played by them in propagating Indian culture in Italy.