The 76th United Nation General Assembly will formally adopt recommendation of the 6th committee of the world body

On the eve of Conference of Parties 26 to be held in Glasgow next week, a draft resolution introduced by India for granting the Observer Status to the International Solar Alliance (ISA) has been adopted by a UN Committee.

A twitter post by the Indian Permanent Mission to UN said that a draft resolution endorsing ISA was adopted in the General Assembly's Sixth Committee that deals with legal issues, without a vote on Thursday.

The post also added that the Assembly will have to formally adopt the recommendation of the 6th committee of the UN.

“Important milestone crossed on eve of @COP26 at #GlasgowCop26 UN Sixth Committee endorses International Solar Alliance @isolaralliance for Observer Status #UNGA76 will now have to formally adopt recommendation of 6th Committee #India walks the talk on #ClimateAction,” said the twitter post.

India’s Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador R Ravindra said, “Ahead of COP-26 scheduled in Glasgow next week, today's action on the draft resolution to grant the Observer Status for the International Solar Alliance is not only symbolic, but a substantive one”.

Earlier this month, India had introduced a draft resolution for granting observer status for the International Solar Alliance on behalf of India and France and 80 co-sponsors.

From October 18 to 21, the fourth general assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) was organized under India’s presidency virtually.

A total of 108 countries had participated in the Assembly.

The Fourth Assembly of the International Solar Alliance closed with a promise to achieve $1 trillion global in solar investments by 2030, including a blended finance risk mitigation facility and in this respect, ISA forged partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet

The ISA Assembly gave a green light to the ‘One Sun’ political declaration for the launch of Green Grids Initiative-One Sun One World One Grid (GGI-OSOWOG) at COP26.

During the Fourth Assembly, new programmes launched on management of solar PV panels and battery usage, waste and solar hydrogen were launched.