Prime Minister Modi extended an invite to US Vice President Kamala Harris to visit India

In his opening remarks, during a meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris, Prime Minister Modi on Thursday talked about the need for strengthening cooperation on the issue of supply chains, new and emerging technologies and space.

Recalling that India and the US—the largest democracy and the oldest democracy of the world—are natural partners, he said both countries have similar values and geopolitical interests.

Thanking Vice President Harris for extending help to India when it was in the midst of the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister said, “You had given a message of cooperation and a very full of sensitivity and immediately after that we found that the US government, the US Corporate sector and the Indian community, all came together to help India.”

Describing more than four million Indian origin people in the US as a bridge between the two countries, the Prime Minister heaped praises on the Indian diaspora for their contribution to economies and societies of the two countries.

In this background, he hailed her election as the US Vice President as “historic”, while describing her as “the source of inspiration” for people across the world.

Extending an invitation to her to visit India, the Prime Minister said, “Continuing on this journey of victory, Indians also would want you to continue that in India and, therefore, they are waiting to welcome you and, therefore, I extend to you especially an invitation to visit India.”