The official naming comes after months of campaigning

In a major boost to India’s soft power outreach in the Australia, three streets in Sydney’s Harris Park, famous for housing cluster of Indian eateries and businesses have been named as ‘Little India’.

A twitter post by the Australian Deputy High Commission in India twitted on Sunday informing about the branding of the streets in Sydney.

“Three streets in Sydney's Harris Park, famous for housing a cluster of Indian eateries and businesses, will now be branded as 'Little India',” said a twitter post of the Australian Deputy High Commissioner in India.

According to SBS Punjabi portal, 3 streets – Marion Street, Wigram Street and Station Street East in Sydney's Harris Park, famous for housing a cluster of Indian eateries and businesses will now be officially known as the 'Little India' precinct for at least the next six months.

The local council has approved the branding for six months, it added.

After months of campaigning for getting recognition for the businesses owned by Indian Australians in Harris Park, the Little India Australia Association has finally succeeded in getting its own Indian cultural hub as part of a campaign headed by the City of Parramatta, a suburb in Greater Western Sydney.

The three streets in the suburb are famous for housing Indian eateries and traditional Indian garment shops

In an interview given to SBS Punjabi, the association president, Gurmeet Singh Tulli, said that the council approved the plan on a trial basis on June 15.

"People of Indian heritage own a majority of businesses in Harris Park, and that's why we submitted the proposal to the local council. The permission will be extended if no one objects to the branding of the three streets," he told the portal.

The three streets are known for their high concentration of Indian restaurants and traditional Indian clothing and jewellery shops, it added.

Tulli told the portal that the Consulate General of India has lent support to the association's efforts.

"CGI Sydney has proposed to set up a gate in the precinct much like the India Gate in New Delhi. We aim to develop this precinct as a major tourist attraction showcasing the rich culture and heritage of India," he said.

Talking about the precinct's future, Tulli said the plans are for the development and beautification of the hub.

"We also want to use this space and opportunity to address the issues and concerns of the community and business owners with the help of the local council," he added.

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