BRICS countries are capable of ensuring that there is net-zero carbon emission

India has launched an ambitious National Hydrogen Mission to introduce hydrogen purchase obligations for fertilizers, refineries by involving the private sector in a transparent and competitive manner to produce green hydrogen.

This was informed by Secretary of the Ministry of Power, Alok Kumar while participating in a two-day workshop on Green Hydrogen.

The online event saw leading experts from Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) who shared their insights and professional views on the subject as well as the latest developments going on in their countries in the area of green hydrogen.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Power said, “Government and industry must work together to ensure existing regulations are not an unnecessary barrier to investment. Trade will benefit from common international standards for the safety of transporting and storing large volumes of hydrogen and having appropriate certificates of origin. BRICS countries could work together on these aspects.”

He further noted that BRICS countries are capable of ensuring that there is net-zero carbon emission since the cost of deployment of these emerging technologies in these countries is a fraction in comparison to that of other developed countries.

Green hydrogen is of great topical interest to all the countries including BRICS as it has a great amount of potential to ensure sustainable energy supply, increase the level of energy availability and minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Gurdeep Singh, CMD, NTPC in his remarks said, “Five BRICS countries share a common vision of sustainable development and inclusive economic growth. Strengthening energy cooperation and ensuring affordable, reliable, accessible and secure energy for all, has always been a strategic area of importance in the agenda of BRICS countries.”

“For India, the transition to a hydrogen economy will not only reduce India’s import dependency on hydrocarbon fuels but also provide clean air to its citizens, reduce GHG emissions in absolute terms and fulfil India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat vision,” he added.

NTPC, which is undertaking extensive study, experimentations in the areas of Carbon Capture and Hydrogen, has also announced a few pilot projects on Green Hydrogen to this.