Besides deploying SU-30 MKI, Jaguar fighters, the IAF will fly AWACS, AEW&C and Air to Air Refueller aircraft during the exercise

In a move that could further help in developing a strong synergy between armed forces of India and the US, the Indian Air Force will undertake two-day exercise with the US Navy’s Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group (CSG) on June 23 and 24 in the Indian Ocean Region.

The Exercise will see the IAF forces operate from bases under four operational commands and will include Jaguars and Su-30 MKI fighters, AWACS, AEW&C and Air to Air Refueller aircraft.

The US CSG is expected to field F-18 fighters and E-2C Hawkeye AEW&C aircraft. The exercise will be carried out in South of Thiruvananthapuram, on the western seaboard, over two days.

IAF has extensive experience in maritime operations in the Indian Ocean Region. This has been consolidated over the years by conduct of exercises from the country’s island territories, including participation in International exercises.

The multi spectral capability of the IAF in the Indian Ocean Region also includes Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief missions and logistics support undertaken in support of friendly nations in the region.

The US CSG offers one more opportunity to undertake joint operations in the maritime domain with a friendly foreign power.

The exercise with the US CSG will focus on multiple areas including enhancing aspects of interoperability, nuances of international integrated maritime SAR operations and exchange of best practices in the maritime airpower domain.