India has taken steps to assist fellow developing countries in combatting the pandemic

The country has been at the forefront of the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic, said India at an interactive dialogue at the ongoing 47th session of United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) on Monday.

According to a tweet of the Indian Permanent Mission to UN in Geneva, India's statement came at the dialogue on the report of the High Commissioner on the central role of the state in responding to pandemics and other health emergencies and their socio-economic consequences thereof.

“Covid-19 pandemic has caused globally unprecedented socio-economic impact. It has impacted adversely the most vulnerable segments of our societies and has setback the global progress in achieving the SDGs as well as global promotion and protection of human rights,” the Indian statement pointed out.

Noting that India has been at forefront in global response to Covid-19 pandemic, it cited Prime Minister Narendra Modi call of ‘One Earth One Health’ at the G-7 Outreach session highlighting the importance of global unity, leadership and solidarity to prevent future pandemics.

While responding effectively to the pandemic, India has taken steps to assist fellow developing countries in combatting the pandemic, the statement mentioned.

It also thanked the large number of countries who extended their support to India in response to the recent wave of the pandemic.

India has been working with other countries in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on a targeted and temporary waiver under TRIPS to ensure timely and equitable access to Covid-19 tools for all, the statement informed the UN body.

The country is following a ‘whole-of-the-society’ approach in responding to the pandemic with a view to save both lives and livelihoods, it said.

The statement also said that efforts of the government include provision of free food grains and lentils for 800 million people and a massive immunization drive to vaccinate the whole population of India.