This is a step towards increasing the operational readiness of the Armed Forces

In another step towards enhancing operational readiness, the Indian Army conducted a successful trial by moving a military train loaded with vehicles and equipment on the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) earlier this week.

The train travelled from New Rewari to New Phulera on Monday.

"The intricate and synchronised coordination by the Indian Army with Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd (DFCCIL) and Indian Railways will significantly enhance the mobilisation capability of the Armed Forces," the Ministry of Defence said on Tuesday.

The trial was described as part of the “Whole of the Nation Approach” for optimising national resources and achieve seamless synergy among various ministries and departments.

According to the defence ministry, interactions by the Indian Army with all stakeholders including DFCCIL & Indian Railways will now assist in leveraging the DFC and allied infrastructure into the mobilisation matrix of Armed Forces.

Development of infrastructure at certain locations to support mobilisation and trials to validate move of defence owned rolling stock on Roll On-Roll Off (RO-RO) service is being formalised and modalities are being evolved, the ministry added.

These trials herald the first step in this process to pave the way for enhancing the operational readiness of Armed Forces.

"This initiative would set in place processes to ensure that military requirements are dovetailed in the national infrastructure development at the planning stage," the defence ministry said.