The US has said it will make vaccines available to other countries, including India

Broadly endorsing the White House’s plan to make Covid-19 vaccines available to India and other countries, several US lawmakers have urged the Biden administration to ensure India receives more COVID-19 vaccine supplies and medical aid.

Last Thursday, US told India about its plans to make COVID-19 vaccines available to other countries, including the South Asian nation.

Calling the crisis in India as ‘devastating’, Texas Governor Greg Abbott demanded more action from Biden.

“The crisis in India is devastating and demands more action from Biden. More COVID-19 vaccines and medical supplies are needed to help one of our most important global allies fight this virus. Join me in praying for India as they struggle with this crisis,” Abbott said in a Twitter post.

Endorsing the US President’s plan to send vaccines to India, Senator Roger Wicker held it important for his country to continue helping other nations beat the Corona virus and contribute to return life to normal.

“It is important for the U.S. to continue helping other nations beat the coronavirus and return life to normal. Sending excess vaccines to close allies like India doesn’t just make sense, it’s the right thing to do,” he stated.

Republican Congressman Michael Mc Caul, who is also on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs welcomed Biden administration’s step to provide vaccines to India.

“Glad to see critically needed vaccines and other therapeutics will be sent to India to continue to support a longstanding partner and ally. As Texans, this reinforces close ties between our community and the Indian-American diaspora,” Mc Caul said.

“The COVID-19 crisis in India and other countries has been devastating, and more vaccines and medical supplies are still needed. I applaud @POTUS for the steps he has taken to assist countries that need help. To defeat COVID-19, we must fight it both at home and around the world,” said Republican Congressman Adam Smith in his Twitter post.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz noted that India was a critical friend of America and claimed that President Joe Biden’s vaccine sharing programme is flawed.

“Almost 300 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the US. India is a critical friend of America. Biden’s vaccine sharing program is flawed: We should prioritize our allies such as India & make sure they receive the COVID-19 vaccines they desperately need,” Cruz tweeted.

Republican August Pfluger said in his twitter post that the Covid19 crisis in India is heartbreaking. He called upon the US administration to send additional vaccines and critical medical supplies immediately.
“The #COVID19 crisis in #India is heartbreaking. The US has a responsibility to help our ally. We should immediately send additional vaccines and critical medical supplies,” his tweet said.

Earlier, the White House unveiled President Biden’s plan to share COVID-19 vaccines with the world, including directing 75% of excess doses through the UN-backed COVAX global vaccine sharing program.