The total number of honourees from India is even higher than runners-up country China (36) and third-placed Japan (31) added together

Announcing the arrival of bright and innovative Indian entrepreneurs, leaders and trailblazers on the world stage, Forbes-2021 Asia list of 30 has featured 76 honourees from India, the highest from any country in the region.

Featuring bright and innovative millennial and Gen Z leaders who have persevered and thrived despite global uncertainty, Forbes Asia list of 30 honours 30 leaders selected for each of the 10 categories.

Selected from over 2,500 nominations, researched by Forbes journalists from across the region and vetted by industry veterans, this select group of individuals are disrupting industries and tackling major global issues.

The criteria for listing include demonstration of leadership, how they embody the entrepreneurial spirit that is synonymous with Forbes, and their potential of success in their industry.

Other factors like innovation, disruption – and size and growth of their ventures in some categories – play a role in making the final decision.

The 10 categories are: Arts, Entertainment and Sports, Finance and Venture Capital, Media Marketing and Advertising, Retail and E-Commerce, Enterprise Technology, Industry, Manufacturing and Energy, Healthcare and Science, Social Impact and Consumer Technology.

As the country is defined as the location where these individuals are based, there are more Indians in other cities who have made the list.

Singapore which is ranked fourth with 27 entries has eight Indians on its list of youthful revolutionaries out of 31 individuals. Co-founders from the same company may consist of two or more individuals but appear as one entry on the list.

Among those featured on this year’s list include Indian teenage influencer Jannat Rahmani, Pranav Bajaj, Cofounder of Medulance Healthcare which provides an Uber-like ambulance booking service and Harshil Mathur, Co-founder Razorpay.