The video doing rounds social media is not from the national capital’s Jafrabad area but from Lahore

Amid the current pandemic situation, a video has surfaced showing people flocking to a market place for the Eid festival shopping. The video which is claimed to be shot at a Delhi marketplace, shows thousands of people violating the social distancing norms.

However, after fact checking, it has turned out that the video is not from Delhi but from Lahore, Pakistan. It is being falsely circulated as a clip from the capital’s Jafrabad area.

The clip is from Lahore and not from Delhi, as being claimed. The video clip is shared on Twitter and Facebook with the caption saying, “From Zafarabad, New Delhi...Looks like Prime Minister Modi is rallying for Delhi elections right now.”

On being closely monitored the video, it has been noticed that the signboards in the background were written in Urdu and not Hindi.

Taking a hint from the Twitter replies stating that the clip is from Pakistan, they also searched with the relevant keywords like ‘Ichhra Bazar Lahore’

Several Pakistani Twitter users also mentioned that the video was from Lahore in Pakistan as seen below.

For instance, a Pakistani had commented under the video on Twitter saying, “Scenes from Ichhra Bazar Lahore.

"While hospitals are running out of capacity, price of oxygen cylinders is touching skies. That's our response to Govt's call of following SOPs. We are standing with India in the difficult time but we are being careless #COVID19” (sic)

Another one wrote, “Scenes from Ichhra Bazar Lahore...While hospitals are running out capacity, Price of Oxygen Cylinders is touching skies....That's our response to Govt's call of following SOPs.” (sic)

Further, upon searching for ‘Lahore market’ on Youtube, the same video cropped up.

According to a hyper-local YouTube channel Raabta TV, in the video uploaded on April 26, 2021, during Eid shopping in Ichhra Bazar, COVID-19 norms were not followed by people.

Moreover, the same clip was used by Pakistani media while reporting how people violated social distancing norms while Eid shopping, in the country.

Pakistan on Saturday began a nine-day shutdown in a bid to prevent a surge in COVID-19 cases during the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr.