The central government has debunked the rumors being circulated on social media platforms about the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rumours are being spread through social media where in 5G testing has been cited as the reason for the sudden surge in coronavirus cases in the country.

The government has stepped in to debunk such rumours, stating that there is no connection between 5G technology and the spread of the virus.

Issuing a statement, the Department of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Communications has said: "It has come to the notice of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications that several misleading messages are being circulated on various social media platforms claiming that the second wave of coronavirus has been caused by the testing of the 5G mobile towers."

As per a press statement issued by DoT, these messages are false and absolutely not correct. The press statement informs that the general public is hereby informed that there is no link between 5G technology and spread of COVID-19 and they are urged not to be misguided by the false information and rumors spread in this matter.

DoT further said that the claims linking the 5G technology with the COVID-19 pandemic are false and have no scientific basis. Moreover, it is informed that the testing of the 5G network has not yet started anywhere in India. Hence, the claim that 5G Trials or networks are causing coronavirus in India is baseless and false.

Besides, an audio went viral in which a youth can be heard speaking to a person in Bihar claiming that the 5G testing is the reason behind the sudden surge in COVID cases and a man can be heard saying that because of the 5G testing people are dying.

The Press Information Bureau Fact Check team had shared the audio message on its official Twitter handle and claimed it to be fake.

"In an audio message, it is being claimed that 5g network is being tested in the states, due to which people are dying. This claim is fake. Please do not spread confusion by sharing such fake messages," PIB tweeted.