The supplies include oxygen plants and concentrators, ventilators and Remdisivir

As India grapples with the second wave of coronavirus, European Union (EU) member countries have come forward to extend support in the fight by supplying medical relief equipment since April 30.

On April 30, India received 700 Oxygen Concentrators, 365 ventilators from Ireland, and 80 Oxygen Concentrators, 75 Oxygen Cylinders, 20 High Flow Humidity oxygen therapy devices from Romania. The very next day, India received 120 ventilators from Germany.

Further, India received 8 oxygen generators, 28 ventilators, 200 electric syringe pumps, 28 AFNOR/BS Flexible tubes, 500 anti-bacterial filters, 500 machine filters, 500 related patient circuits from France, and 9000 vials of Remdesivir from Belgium on May 2.

This was followed by 1 Oxygen generating plant and 20 ventilators (with an installation team onboard) received from Italy on May 3.

One of the main problems India is currently facing is the shortage of medical supplies. Global community has come forward to extend support to India, some returning the favour while others helping the foreign friendly nation. EU member states have been actively supporting India and continue to do so.

Ireland has sent 365 Ventilators (65 Prunus Ventilators, 150 Cirus VS Ventilators, 150 Prunus 500 D Ventilators), 365 Circuit and Breathing System for Ventilators, 548 Oxygen Concentrators ( 500 Platinum Oxygen Concentrators, 48 Aerti Oxygen Concentrators), 60 Lumis Bi- PAP, and 2 oxygen Generators.

On May 6, India received 1 Mobile Oxygen Generating Plant (part 1) from Germany. On the very next day, India received 100 Oxygen Concentrators from Poland, 53 ventilators with trolleys from Denmark, and 1 Mobile Oxygen Generating Plant (Part-2) from Germany.

Austria has sent 1900 oxygen cannulas, and 396 oxygen cylinders (10 Ltrs and 50 Ltrs) while Czech Republic has sent 500 Oxygen cylinders to India.

India also received 233 Oxygen concentrators (5-6 L/min), 2 Oxygen concentrators (10 L/min), 254 ventilators, 12 oxygen cylinders, 200 pulse oximeters, 260 Ambu devices, and 5510 PPE kits from Spain.

In the just concluded India-EU summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the EU’s swift response for mobilizing support to India’s COVID-19 response.

In a bid to ensure the scaling up of vaccine production for equitable and global access and save lives, the Indian Prime Minister also requested EU’s support for a TRIPS waiver on vaccine production-related patents.