This is in addition to 200 ventilators and 495 oxygen concentrators sent to India in late April

At a time when the country is receiving medical equipment and supplies from friendly countries from round the globe, UK has mobilised oxygen generators and ventilators from Northern Ireland to be sent to India.

“The UK is sending surplus oxygen generators from Northern Ireland to India. This life-saving equipment will support the country's hospitals as they care for vulnerable Covid patients,” British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said according to a statement.

“The UK and India are working together to tackle this pandemic. No-one is safe until we are all safe,” he was quoted in a British High Commission statement.

“The world’s largest cargo plane will leave Belfast this morning, carrying three 18-tonne oxygen generators and 1,000 ventilators as part of the UK’s latest response to India’s Covid-19 crisis,” the statement noted.

Airport staff worked through the night to load the life-saving kit, funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, aboard the massive Antonov 124 aircraft, it added.

According to the statement, each of the three oxygen generation units – the size of 40ft freight containers - produces 500 litres of oxygen per minute, enough for 50 people to use at a time.

“They are expected to reach India on Sunday morning, where the Indian Red Cross will help transfer them to hospitals,” it said.

This support, previously announced, is in addition to 200 ventilators and 495 oxygen concentrators, which the UK sent to India in late April, the statement mentioned.

It comes following discussions with India and a pledge from Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the UK to do all it can to help, it explained.

The latest assistance package has been sourced by the Department of Health and Social Care and is fully funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the statement informed.