The plant will be installed at the Sardar Patel Covid Care Centre and Hospital in Delhi

In a gesture that underscores the strong bilateral strategic partnership,
Germany is supporting India's efforts in fighting Covid-19 by sending an oxygen production plant capable of generating 400,000 liters of oxygen a day.

A German air force plane carrying the first part of a massive oxygen production plant touched down in Delhi amidst rough weather on Thursday. After swift clearance facilitated by Delhi Customs, the consignment was loaded on trucks, headed for the Sardar Patel Covid Care Centre and Hospital in New Delhi.

Valuing the support from Germany, a trusted partner of India, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in a tweet on Friday posted a collage of four screenshots highlighting separate tweets recounting the shipment of the German oxygen generating plant to India.

“A German gesture supports @DRDO_India’s efforts,” said the tweet.

The first tweet included in Jaishankar’s collage is a message from the Indian Embassy in Berlin thanking India’s trusted partner Germany as an A-400 plane departed for India with the first part of Oxygen Production Plant with a capacity to generate up to 400,000 ltrs of O2 a day.

“@Team_Luftwaffe plane left for Delhi with 1st part of @SanDstBw Oxygen Production Plant that can generate upto 400,000 ltrs of O2/day, ramping up supply of medical O2. We thank our trusted partner Flag of Germany for assisting Flag of India #Covid19 response,” the tweet said on Wednesday.

The tweet in the second screenshot of Minister Jaishankar’s collage is from the official twitter handle of Delhi Customs Zone mentioning that the air cargo and Delhi customs swiftly cleared the oxygen plant arriving from Germany.

“Air Cargo, Delhi Customs facilitated swift clearance of oxygen plant arriving from Germany,” said the tweet accompanied by pictures.

The subsequent tweet in the EAM’s collage is by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi confirming the arrival of the first part of the massive oxygen generating plant and expressing India’s deep gratitude to trusted partner Germany.

“A two-decade long strategic partnership! Deeply grateful to our trusted partner Germany for providing a massive oxygen generating plant. Capacity to generate upto 4 lakh litres of O2/day. Being shipped in 2 parts. 1st part arrived today. Further boosts our oxygen capacities,” Bagchi said in the tweeted.

The last of the four-picture collage shared by the Indian External Affairs Minister is a tweet by the German Ambassador to India Walter J. Lindner, saying that the oxygen generating equipment having touched down in rough weather is headed for the Sardar Patel Hospital in New Delhi.

“Amidst Delhi thunderstorm touchdown of GER Air Force transport plane A400M. On board 1. batch of huge oxygen production plant. Right now loaded on trucks for Sadat Vallabhbhai Patel COVID Hospital. 2 A400M arriving tomorrow. Round-the-clock installation-work starts immediately...,”