This is part of the pact on inter-governmental cooperation in Science & Technology between the two countries

Nine teams of scientists from India and Sri Lanka have come together to work on focused research in diverse areas ranging from food technology and plant based medicines to information and communication technology.

They will receive collaborative support from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, and the State Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research & Innovation, Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

The scientists will also work on metrology; space research and applications; robotics and automation; industrial electronics; renewable energy; and waste management.

The support has been provided by the two governments against the joint call for proposals from a range of areas, India's Department of Science and Technology said on Wednesday.

This call for proposal was a result of the conclusion of inter-governmental cooperation in Science & Technology (S&T) between India and Sri Lanka in 2008.

According to India's DST, the S&T cooperation between India and Sri Lanka was initiated and discussed through the India Sri Lanka Sub-Commission on Science & Technology under the umbrella of the inter-governmental India-Sri Lanka Joint Commission.

In its meeting held at Colombo in November 2010, it recommended the development of a Programme of Cooperation in Science and Technology, identifying mutual areas of interest, including use of space technology for societal services using an Indian satellite.

Apart from these, the countries have also decided to support 3 workshop proposals from among 193 common proposals received in response to the call.

As of now, 27 joint research projects in food technology, materials, and plant-based medicine, industrial electronics have been supported.

A number of quality joint research papers and patents have been published and fellows have also participated in various national and international conferences and symposiums of their relevant fields.