Special Forces of several friendly nations have increasingly shown their desire to train with battle-hardened Indian troops

As part of India's continuing engagement with the militaries of friendly nations, paratroopers from the Turkmenistan Special Forces in Combat Free Fall are undergoing training at the Special Forces Training School (SFTS) of the Indian Army.

This programme at the institution which provides training to the Indian Army's Special Forces follows a request from the Turkmenistan Special Forces.

According to the Ministry of Defence, this is a precursor to a series of other customised professional courses which will assist in capability enhancement of Turkmenistan Special Forces.

"Building bonds of Friendship #SpecialForces Training School #IndianArmy has commenced training of #Turkmenistan Special Forces in #CombatFreeFall as a precursor to a series of customized courses to follow & help build capability of the Turkmenistan Special Forces," the Indian Army said in a post on Twitter.

The Indian Special Forces (SF) have over a period earned immense respect and reputation of being one of the finest Special Forces in the world due to its professionalism, operational expertise, and sacrifice.

Special Forces of friendly nations including the USA, Australia, countries of the Central Asian Region & the Middle East have increasingly shown their desire to train with the battle-hardened Indian SF troops, the defence ministry said.

"In response, the Indian Army's Special Forces have increased their engagement with their counterparts from friendly nations," it said.