The leaders have been key agents in shaping politics and policy from a local to a global scale

A list of over 200 Indian origin people occupying leadership positions in as many as 15 countries including the United States and the United Kingdom was released on Monday. It included the names of elected officials, appointees, or civil servants. US vice president Kamala Harris was the latest to join the list, published by Indiaspora.

The 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List recognized more than 200 leaders of Indian heritage who have ascended to the highest echelons of public service in 15 countries across the globe, with more than 60 of these leaders holding Cabinet positions.

According to Indiaspora, the leaders have been key agents in shaping politics and policy from a local to a global scale and their leadership will impact generations to come.

"It is a huge source of pride to have the first woman and first person of color as the Vice President of the world's oldest democracy be someone of Indian heritage. We wanted to use this seminal moment on Presidents' Day to highlight a host of others in the diaspora who also are in public service," said Indiaspora founder MR Rangaswami, a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and investor.

"These leaders are building a legacy for future generations, and one that extends beyond our community to all of the constituents and communities that they serve," he said in a statement.

The list also includes diplomats, legislators, heads of central banks, and senior civil servants from countries with significant histories of Indian Expatriates migration, such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

"It is an honor to be included on the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List. As the longest-serving Indian-American Member of Congress, I am proud to be a leader in the Indian American community, which has become an integral part of American life and society," said Congressman Ami Bera, Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia.

With more than 32 million people of Indian-origin or (PIOs) globally, according to India's Ministry of External Affairs, Indians are the largest expatriate population in the world.

The officials on the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List collectively represent more than 587 million constituents, and their countries account for an estimated USD 28 trillion in GDP, demonstrating the impact that these leaders are having globally, Indiaspora said in a statement.

"It truly is inspiring to note the remarkable contribution that government leaders of Indian heritage have made to advance the societies that they now represent," said Rosy Akbar, Fiji's Minister of Education, Heritage, and Arts.

The list includes immigrants from India, as well as professionals born in countries such as Singapore, South Africa, England, Canada, and the U.S.

“As a proud Indo-Canadian, it is an honor to be included in the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List alongside an accomplished and diverse group of leaders from the India diaspora,” said Canadian Senator Ratna Omidvar.

“I am eternally proud of my Indian heritage but also being Canadian. Canada has given me its protection and its opportunities, and in return, I am committed to making it a better place so that it continues to be a land of protection and opportunity for future Canadians,” she added.

Some of the officials are part of their country’s first wave of immigration, arriving as refugees or for economic opportunities, while others serving in their governments are part of subsequent waves of diaspora, who came for educational opportunities or are of subsequent generations.

“It is inspiring to see the number of Indian diasporas who are entering the public arena,” said Chairman and CEO at KPMG India Arun Kumar, who served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce in the Obama administration.

“Having had the opportunity to serve, I can speak to what a memorable and fulfilling experience it was. Above all, it was a meaningful way to give back. My hope is that this cohort of leaders will set an example for even more of the Indian diaspora to aspire to public service,” he added.