This includes the aid of Rs 7635.15 crore to 20 countries, international training programmes and art and cultural heritage projects

The Ministry of External Affairs has received Rs 18154.73 cr, roughly 5 percent higher in its budgetary allocation in the financial year 2021-22 in comparison to the last financial year when it got Rs 17346.71 cr.

However, the allocation of Rs 18154.73 in the budgetary estimate of 2021-22 is the highest ever allocation for the Ministry of External Affairs till date.

Development partnership portfolio which constitutes the MEA’s 'Aid Heads' continues to be the focus and priority of the budgetary allocation, forming 42 percent of the total allocation.

Under India’s ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy, the largest share of the country’s aid has gone to Bhutan. Besides, Nepal, Myanmar, IOR, Eurasian and African countries have also received a fair amount of aid, reflecting India’s sustained effort to provide economic assistance to its close neighbours and friends in the world.

A significant share of India’s aid portfolio in Budget 2021-22 is to cater to the country’s sustained COVID Aid assistance to friendly countries including “Vaccine Maitri” grants.

Given India’s Presidency of the UNSC in 2021-22 and India’s commitment towards multilateral cooperation, enhanced allocation in budgetary estimate 2021-22 has been earmarked under the United Nations and Other International Organisations, as compared to earlier years.

Enhanced allocation has been made in commensurate with India’s expanding diplomatic footprint, with opening of new missions and embassies abroad.