Amid the aggressive protest by farmers from Punjab and Haryana, a report broadcast on TV9 Bharatvarsh showed that farmers from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have benefitted from the new farm laws that were passed by the Centre in September 2020.

The report quoted a beneficiary of farm laws from Madhya Pradesh as saying that the new laws have saved him time and rendered his transportation cost to zero as businesses came to his fields to collect the grains.

Other farmers in MP also had a similar opinion. They said that earlier the trade in the Mandis was restricted to a few influential businessmen who would decide the price of the agricultural produce. With the passage of the three laws, the farmers can directly sell their produce to the businessmen at their preferred price.

Not only MP, but farmers in Rajasthan also support the new farm laws. In the report by TV9 Bharatvarsh, a farmer from Rajasthan profusely thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing in the new agriculture laws that have lifted restrictions on the farmers and enabled them to sell their produce to the choice of their customer and their preferred rates.

The farmers from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan said that the protesters have been fooled by the politicians into protesting against the new farm laws. They also added that contrary to the apprehensions harbored by them, the new agriculture laws are in farmers’ interest.

“Those demonstrating against the agriculture laws are not aware of the benefits and the new opportunities it unlocks for the farmers. They have been tricked and instigated by the opposition politicians to launch an agitation against the Centre,” a farmer interviewed by the TV9 Bharatvarsh said.