The agreement would the exchange and training of doctors and other health professionals

India has opened the doors for opportunities to work closely with Israel and boost cooperation in the field of health and medicine. The Union Cabinet, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two nations to enhance cooperation in the field of health and Medicine.

The agreement between the two nations would allow them to undertake the exchange and training of doctors and other health professionals, as well as the exchange of information regarding regulation of pharmaceutical, medical devices and cosmetics.

The focus of the MoU is to develop and enhance climate friendly infrastructure and facilities in each other’s countries by sharing expertise for facilitating climate resilient infrastructure as well as providing support for development of ‘Green Healthcare', an official statement said

Sharing expertise for vulnerability assessment for health of citizens against climate risk and public health actions targeted towards mitigation and adaptation will also be undertaken as part of the agreement.

The agreement will also enable an exchange of human resources between the countries and set up the healthcare facilities. The agreement will also help in promoting mutual research in various relevant areas.

Apart from that, India and Israel have also encouraged the participation of the representatives of their countries in round tables, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences on issues of cooperation, organized by the other party's relevant bodies.

India and Israel, in recent times, have taken ahead PM Modi’s vision of finding opportunities in adversities, by building new partnerships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this year, Israel hailed India for its support in developing a rapid test kit for COVID-19. The scientists of both nations worked together in a project to develop a rapid test kit that can give the results in just a few minutes.

Israel sent a team to India and the Indian side helped them by assigning an army of professionals who collected the samples from thousands of volunteers. The process took place in Delhi where they set up six drive-ins and two labs equipped with Israeli technology.

Not just the health sector, but the nations have extended their cooperation to climate change and technology.

In August, Israel and the government of Uttar Pradesh signed an agreement on Bundelkhand water project to resolve the water crisis in the parched land of the region.

The project comprises three key components including water conservation, water-efficient transportation, and advanced water practices for agriculture.

The project aims to address the water crisis in drought-hit regions of Bundelkhand. It will help farmers of the region with the latest farming technologies, including drip irrigation, meant for water-deficient regions like Bundelkhand.

Similarly, the nations in September signed an MoU to enable start-ups and companies of both nations to work together in the technology sector and give new and innovative technologies to the world for the greater good.