The attack has taken place at a time when insurgents are engaged in peace talks with the Afghan government in Qatar

India on Tuesday strongly condemned the dastardly terrorist attack at the Kabul University, saying it stands in solidarity with those who have lost their sons and daughters in this heinous act.

“This inhuman act is a stark reminder that terrorism, in all its forms, must be eliminated for durable peace in Afghanistan and the region,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

“Education is one of the most important gains of the last 19 years in Afghanistan and must be preserved. India salutes the aspirations of Afghan youth in their quest for knowledge, education and peace,” the MEA said

Earlier, terming it as a “cowardly” act, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly condemned the terrorist attack at the Kabul University in which more than 20 students were killed and 22 left wounded when terrorists stormed a book fair hosted by the university on Monday. ISIS has claimed the responsibility for the gruesome attack, in which it is feared, the death toll could rise.

“I strongly condemn the cowardly terrorist attack at Kabul University today. Our prayers are with the families of the victims and the injured. We will continue to support Afghanistan's brave struggle against terrorism”, the Prime Minister said in his tweet.

Immediately after the incident, Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Rudrendra Tandon had talks with State Minister for Peace of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi and condemned the terror attack at the Kabul University.

Taking to twitter, the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan, wrote, “Amb Tandon discussed issues relating to peace talks with @SadatNaderi & underscored India’s support for preserving gains of the last 19 years. Today’s attack on the Kabul Univ is a stark reminder that these gains for Afghanistan’s next generation remain fragile & need active protection.”

This is the second horrific attack on educational institutions within Kabul. At least 24 people, mostly students were killed when a suicide attack took place at an educational centre in western Kabul last month. ISIS had also claimed responsibility for the incident.

As per media reports, a book exhibition was going on at the university. And it was being attended by the Iranian Ambassador and other dignitaries when the shooting started inside the campus of the university. The Afghan government has not confirmed whether Iranian Ambassador Bahador Aminian was present or not at the time of the shooting.

However, the attack has taken place at the time when the Taliban are engaged in peace talks with the Afghan government in Qatar. The ongoing peace talks aim to help the US withdraw its troops from the insurgency-hit country.